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and texas and florida. >> reporter: you are keeping a close eye on the radar looking at approaching storms. what could storms do to power restoration efforts. >> depends on what it is. if a storm comes through that's similar to the other night where we lost 12,000 customers, it is going to have an effect. and cumulus effect. if you lose several thousand customers at a time, and depending where it is, you could see the restoration process elongate. we will worry about that part. we are making sure we are doing the goal at hard and trying to restore all power by the end of the weekend. >> reporter: we are going on day 6 of people are without power. the frustration levels i am sure are rising. starting today willy gave better eye did he what the -- will you be able to get a-- give a better eye did he when the power will be on. >> when we have eyes on the problem and a crew working a job and they believe they can fix it and restore it by a certain period of time we will on a limited basis with high confidence in the job provide the information but only where we know the job is going to get don
to african-american voters yesterday in houston texas. he spoke to the naacp national convention and mr. romney asked for support explained why he thinks he is the better candidate. the crowd was receptive to the massachusetts governor's message until he addressed repealing the president's health care reform law. to that the crowd responded less than favorably -- >> i'm going to eliminate every nonessential expensive program i can find. that includes obamacare and i'm going tutwork reform and save -- to work to reform and safe -- [ booing ] >> mitt romney knows he does have a problem with african- american voters. polls show they prefer president barack obama overwhelmingly. he's committed to competing in the african-american community. >>> jesse jackson jr. is being treated for a mood disorder. an unidentified doctor was quoted in the statement saying that yak season is expected -- jackson is expected to make full recovery. he has been away from congress since late may. he was taking a leave of absence due to a medical condition which had been a mystery until now. last week his communi
to two stars. sherman hensley passed away at his home in texas. no word on a cause of death. >>> fans of the series medical center are remembering chad everett. he died tuesday he was 75. >>> 6:40. two shootings in california. and they have sparked a lot of violence by the way of protest. this is outside of city hall as members voted to ask the u.s. attorney to investigate. demonstrators who did not attend the meeting took to the streets tossing rocks and bottles and setting trash cans on fire. >>> and how an actor and a silver lining for a dark cloud over parts of colorado. >>> what is going on. a congressman gets to the bottom of a drug shortage problem. >>> and an apartment complex in pg county nothing but charred remains. people trying to get on with their lives e we have sunshine, low humidity. and baseball weather. that's after the break. >>> back now to the breaking news. authorities that cal ripkins mother has been found safe. she has been located and is being interviewed. this is a picture of the 75- year-old. her vehicle was seen of essex after 8:00 last night. she has been
grounds for the republican party. >>> and president obama will be in san anton heo, texas, -- san antonio texas delivering remarks and then traveling to austin for a second fun raise>>> 10,000 firefighters will be in our city for the annual firehouse expo. event organizers will light up downtown landmarks in red and it's in honor of firefighters' service. it runs through saturday. >>> 5:48 and ray rice is happy to be called a raven and will be for the next five years. the team will pay him 40 million for his work making him the third highest paid nfl running back. 25 million of that is guaranteed after he signed the contract yesterday he went home and celebrated with his family and so did fans. >> i think they got it done in time. flacco is next and then reid and things are falling into place. we will be good. >> flacco is next all of this came yesterday as season ticket holders received tickets in the mail. and spending of the ravens, ranks the franchise as the 18th move the valuable sports franchise in the world. they are valued at more than a billion dollars. the report show
facility in fort worth texas. it's going to be for further examination. a march he left the cockpit and ranted incoherently about religion terrorist and september 11th attacks and the plane crashing. the flight in route to fr new york to las vegas made an emergency -- from new york to las vegas made an emergency landing in texas. >>> look at that traffic hazard. the helicopter crew spotted a stray dog in chicago running along the shoulder of the interstate. that's interstate 55. they followed it as it made its way to a neighborhood. they were trying to rescue it and the microchip shows he is registered to a puppy mill in iowa. aside from dehydration, exhaustion, the dog is in excellent health and will be be looking for a good home -- will be look for a good home. >> fireworks is a big part of the july 4th celebration but you have to be be careful. >> coming, we have a live demonstration that's going to be so fun. how to keep the family safe with an amateur display. >> you said you wanted to see a watermelon blown up. >> i do. >> there you go. having the light out as a inconvenience
. >>> crews are trying to determine what caused this big fire in houston, texas. dozens of boats, campers and rvs went up in flames after a storage unit caught fire. firefighters say there was a huge explosion and flames shot into the night sky. a lack of fire hydrants near the scene made it impossible for crews to contain those flames. firefighters had to haul water to the scene, causing a number of delays. however, no injuries were reported. >>> a brazen criminal was stealing american flags right from the graves in hudson, new york at a cemetery there. at first police assumed it may be kids, they maybe the ones to plame, but they decided to mount cameras in trees to find out. so guess what, they caught the suspect redhanded and it turns out it was a woodchuck. the evidence continued to mount, once again, as they began investigating the woodchuck's home. >> we did deploy a pole camera into one of the holes and found remnants of the flags going down into the hole. >> they're very destructive creatures. >> yeah they are thieves too. next year caregivers at the cemetery plan to post the fla
. golfers including those from texas and florida said they won't carry out the key parts of the affordable care act. you've heard of it as obama care. they won't expand medicaid or exchange a state insurance exchange. >>> four men are accused in the death of u.s. patrol agent, they are offing a $1 million bounty per person. this is part of the operation known as fast and furious. the men are accused of killing terry, our government may have put the guns that killed terry in their hands. >> terry was truly an agent's agent, we will not rest until the individuals are brought to justice. >> two assault rifles recovered were traced to the atf operation fast and furious. it allowed low level gun runners to buy weapons in arizona and smug it will weapons in to mexico in hopes the tracking could lead u.s. officials to cartel leaders. >>> penn state university alumni and boosters have something to smile about. they brought in $10 million in donations in the last school year. the second highest amount in the history. it was thrust in to the national spotlight amid the investigation in to sandusky.
remarks at the naacp national convention in houston texas focusing on voting rights. >>> and the key players including governor o'malley are meeting in northern virginia to assess the progress of the cleanup of the chesapeake bay. we expect an update on how they are doing in efforts to bring back the bay after years of neglect. >>> tomorrow the city public school c etch o will release the maryland school assessment results. we will have a briefing on student products. >>> o's limped into the all star break after an ologyly -- ugly trip to anaheim. angels put on a home run clinic beating them 6-0. it was the second consecutive game the orioles failed to score any runs. in fact they have in the crossed the plate in 22 innings. now as for the all star break and a chance for the o's to regroup and find magic they have lost. >>> after months of image collection nasa says it has two new images of mars' surface. >> the full circle combines 817 images takeen with panoramic camera. >> the image shows the terrain surrounding the rover while it was stationary for four months. they say the pictu
canada, florida, michigan, tennessee, texas, all over. >> in the coming days, martin o'malley said get this down and get it done quickly. in those days where someone may not have power, what do k they do? >> if you haven't reported your outage, call us at 877-778- 2222, exercise caution around public safety concerns, such as downed power lines, give us a call. because there is extreme heat, make sure you and your family are staying hydrated and close your blinds and curtains. we have a list of the cooling stations throughout maryland for customers to access. >> thank you for joining us. we will have links at our website as well, a few minutes before 7:00, we continue with your news to go in a bit. continuing our storm coverage of what going on, meagan is live. linda so is keeping you up to date. sherrie johnson is taking care of the code red facilities. that's coming up when we continue on good morning maryland. dark roast forest fresh full tank brain freeze cake donettes rolling hot dogs bag of ice anti-freeze wash and dry diesel self-serve fix a flat jumper cables 5% c
from crews in florida and texas, as far as customers go, what would be your message to them relative to patience or manage this. we do thank customers for patience. especially coupled with the heat, it can be frustrating. if you have a new outage, please call the number to repot i. if you have a downed wire, please call. only call once to report your outage. please respect our workers while they are out there, they are working and doing hard job. >> that's something you point out. i don't think it can be stressed enough, respecting the men and women while they are trying to help you. don't take it out on the people trying to help. they will answer your questions if you have any, give us a call at the call snow. they are trying to work as quickly and safely as possible. there are a lot of tough conditions they are dealing with. >> a qaet of a million people g a quarter of a million people still without power. . >>> we are dealing with hot temperatures out there, also another red hot alert today, cooling centers are open. >> reporter: folks are bracing for more hot temperatures today.
passed away. they found his body unresponsive at his home in texas. and the cause of death is pending the result of an autopsy. he was known as george jefferson. first, he was on all in the family and then had the spit off, the jeffersons. he is dead at 74. >>> and it looks like an abduction and prank by one of the jack. a ss movies. and it show as woman being put in the trunk and it was ton in front of a security camera with a number of witnesses watching in the parking lot. but you see three teens came forward and admitted that it was a hoax. they have not been charged. and they got the idea from the popular movie. >>> and if you look out the window and see a lion asleep on a table. that's what happened to a woman in california but she was scared for no reason. >> it was a real cat but a dead cat, we thought let's put in in the neighbor's yard and scare the wife. before the neighbor came home another neighbor saw it. >> wonder where he got that from? >> the neighbor called 911 and it was a big mix up. she said she hopes the neighbor does not have any more stuffed animals. >>> we are
following a pickup truck crash in south texas. this happened overnight near the town of goliad, 100 miles southeast of san antonio. all those injured were in the same ford f-250 ford pickup. police have not telling us how bad the other people are doing. this case remains under investigation. >>> bowing to the wishes of many over the observations of others penn state university made a symbolic move many said they had to do. sherrie johnson is here with exactly what the university did in an effort to move forward>> reporter: well, today the ncaa plans to announce sanctions against penn state and its football program. meanwhile, the statue of the late legendary football coach joe paterno is gone taken down sunday morning by the university many they used tarp keepingunder wraps as much of the activity as possible. an independent report found paterno should have done more when he heard jerry sandusky was abusing young boys. he was fired after 51 years 45 as head coach. the removal attracted a crowd of people. some felt it needed to go and others thought it was. >> he jerk reaction. -- knee jer
are dead after a pickup truck left a highway crashing into a tree in southeastern texas. this happened last night in near goliad, about 100 miles southeast of san atono. all victims were in the same f- 250 forward pickup and another 12 people were hurt. some of them have life- threatening injuries. well as the man who is accused of going on a shooting rampage inside a colorado theater, prepares to head to court, the national debate over gun control is intensifying. scripps investigative unit went undercover in virginia to buy a type of high capacity gun clip that can hold up to 30 bins billets. there's no. [ -- bullets. there's no background check and four 40 dollars you can buy it and in virginia it's legal. in 2004 a nationwide gun clips of more than 10 rounds expired now 6 days including maryland has a ban. >> we need leadership and action to strengthen the gun law to stop this from happening again. >> legislation in congress toreinstate a ban on high capacity clips stalled in both chambers ever since the recall call for the ban. >>> today we will learn more about the sanctions placed on
obama is heading to texas and in cincinnati yesterday he fielded cues questions about same sex marriage and energy and girl scout cookies. >> i am pretty partial to the mint. >> the crowd is like the thin mints. >> what else did they ask him about? >> who cares he likes thin mints. the question and answer question was after a private fund-raiser. >> they asked him what's on his i bod. critical ground breaking questions. >>> passengers and crew on several delta flights got surprises in their meal. >> they found something inside that no one would want to swallow. we will tell you more and why the fbi is now involved. >> and we will have a live report from abc2 linda so about the massive water main breakdown town. we have learned two lanes have reopened on lombard. you see the traffic moving right this. that is an east to west movement lombard back open. >> so the sun is up and it's heating things up. i will tell you how hot it will get. the details coming up. lauren. >> well, in addition to the water main break, traffic is starting to pick up here on 695. i will have the details coming up
. crews from as far away as quebec and workers from dozen state including texas and oklahoma and alabama. the most challenging part of the storm is clearing trees from power lines. the sheer number of down trees is what led to the outages. bge estimates it will take until this weekend to get everyone back online. linda so, abc2 news. >> thanks. >>> new this morning, people living in 33 nursing homes in the state are without air conditioning after last week's storm. most are working off generators. four nursing homes don't have generators and the state has 58 cooling centers around maryland to provide relief for those who do not have air conditioning. >>> sunrise in maryland happened more than 1 hour ago and with it another day of sweating and hoping that the power will return. abc 2 news charley crowson is live in northeast baltimore with more on the story on how a homeowner nearly lost her house in the storms last week. >> reporter: yeah, one homeowner here in northeast baltimore just about lost everything. but, now as we wait for power to be restored some of the stories about the oddit
the tennessee valley all the way back into texas as of now. so as woe go through the day i'm still not going to rule out a chance for maybe a thunderstorm to pop up. mainly to the west and north of the city. but all in all we should be dry and future trends basically picking up on what's going on through the day. maybe 2:00 a shower but we will see warmer conditions popping up as we go through time and i'm going to show you that as of now. so future temps for today coming in around 90-degrees, be prepared were that but we should be at 88 degrees now for this time of the year and not too bad outside. see more of that even tomorrow and here's a check of the seven day forecast. as temperatures will rise into the mid 90s as we head into next week. time now for a check of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >>> good morning lynette. we are dealing with several accidents. a crash on 895 along the southbound lanes at pro tree street. more jobs on the jfx. another accident northbound at gillford avenue and another crash on pulaski highway at crescent street. if you are doing t
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